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Despite discharging route in 2014, a fresh out of the box new Dragon Age Inquisition bug has materialized. What's more, it's an irritating issue that is affecting all players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Peruse on to find everything to think about the Dragon Age Inquisition Won't Launch Custom World State bug, particularly on the off chance that you can't create a custom spare state for the game. This incorporates a potential Dragon Age Inquisition Custom World State bug fix. 

1. Run With The Dedicated Graphics Card 

This is an easy decision that extensive games require a hefty illustrations card. Along these lines, if the issue is related to the GPU settings, the root source of it would utilize the low force intel chipset. Dragon Age Inquisition game requests a substantial illustrations card, for example, NVIDIA card. 

2. Running A Clean Boot 

  • The applications running at the back can prompt this issue also. It might be some third party application or a Windows administration itself. 
  • Follow these steps to apply a spotless boot to make your game function appropriately: 
  • Run your computer as an administrator. 
  • Quest for MSConfig on the hunt bar, and press enter.Search MSconfig in Windows Search Bar 
  • When the window springs up, go to the administrations tab. 
  • Check the button "conceal all the Microsoft Services option." 
  • Then, click on the Disable all button to turn off all the third party administrations running at the back.MSConfig Window 
  • Close the configuration window, right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager option from the drop menu.Task manager option 
  • Go to the startup tab, and incapacitate all the running applications. To impair a previously empowered application, right-click the administration and select debilitate option from the menu.Task Manager Startup Tab 
  • Restart your PC and launch the game once more. 

3. Confirming Game Files 

As talked about effectively, all the game documents are important to launch the game. Regardless of whether one record is absent or corrupt, the issue will happen while starting. To confirm the game records, follow these steps underneath: 

  • Go to Origin Client and sign in to your account. 
  • Snap on My Game Library option located in the left pane.Origin Client My Games Library Dragon Age Inquisition 
  • Right-click on the Dragon Age Inquisition game and select fix game option from the drop menu. Repair Game in Origin Client 
  • Presently, the birthplace client will start checking your game documents. 
  • When the game is tested, it will automatically download the missing records and supplant the corrupted documents assuming any. 
  • Relaunch the game to check if the mistake still persists or not. 

Last Words

Every one of these solutions is simple, and they don't require any specific expertise or time to get them implemented. You can experience every solution individually, and ideally, you can locate the right fit for you.